Viva Creatures! is a vegan handbag collection distinguished by fine materials, high-end construction, and architectural shapes. We are committed to clean design, animal-free fabrics and American manufacturing.



“I started Viva Creatures! because while I loved handbags, I could not find the kind I wanted – clean, minimalist design, high-end construction, and vegan leather.  After years of research and endless testing of materials and designs, Viva Creatures! was born.  With the support of customers who love looking gorgeous and who value animals just as much, our company has grown to challenge the notion that leather is a benchmark of beauty.  We think clean design, impeccable, made in the USA craftsmanship, and beautiful origins are true benchmarks of beauty.  You can have stellar style without harming anyone.”

xx Nora




At Viva Creatures! we create clean, architectural pieces that are the go-to items in a stellar closet because they are chic, modern, and tell a beautiful story.



We care about our impact on the environment and we select our vendors and produce our bags accordingly.  We select the most beautiful fabrics with the smallest environmental footprint we can find. Our bags are made from a variety of materials ranging from organic cotton to nylon microfiber.  All of our materials are rich, supple, and highly durable.



We believe in the beauty of American manufacturing.  We believe it is vital to our economy to build and retain artisan jobs in the USA.  We design and create for people who are seeking a gorgeous piece with a beautiful story – made in the USA is an important part of that story.



We create because we love beautiful pieces and we love animals.  It’s that simple.



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