14-Balance Bike: Review, Pros, and Cons

Most balance bikes feature 12-inch wheels, which makes the 14-balance bike is something different. Some users prefer the 12-inch but some of them also like the bigger size. Since the balance bike is one of the important things to help your kids to learn how to balance on a bike, here we have the list of bikes with its pros and cons.

Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

This bike is designed for the toddler between 18 months and 5 years old of age. This bike is also worth your money because it provides the great balance between performance and value. Even though it does not feature the 14-inch wheels, most kids love it. Besides, it is very popular among other bikes on the market.

14-Balance Bike Review Pros and Cons


Easy to assemble;
High-quality materials.

The sticker on the bike looks clumsy. Improvement is needed.
Kazam V2E No-Pedal Balance Bike

Kazam is unique because it features an exclusive footrest. It helps your kid to glide and balance without hassle. Do not worry because the footboard can be adjusted. Other adjustable parts of this bike are such as its seat and handlebars, which can easily accommodate 5 years old kids. The wheels are great because those can resist bump road and puncture. Also, the bike is available in red, blue, green, orange, and pink.


Affordable price;
Excellent construction;
Easy to assemble.

No brakes;
The installation guide is a bit hard to understand.
Strider – 12 Classic Balance Bike

This one is designed for age between 18 months and 3 years. The seat height is customizable and you need no tool to loosen it. There is also a footrest to help the kids to glide and balance. The tires are made of EVA Polymer. Those need less maintenance than other types of tires.


Easy to use and assemble. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble the bike;
The construction is solid yet sturdy;
2-year warranty from the factory.

The seat’s paint could chip off easily.
Lightweight Banana Bike LT Balance Bike

This balance bike is designed for kids between 2 and 4 years old of age. It also features a perfect design for the frame along with its 12.2 inches of the bike’s height. This is why Banana Bike is suitable for all kids to start their journey of biking. The bike also consists of high quality materials like the handlebars made of metal and a seat with its quick release feature.


The tires feature the EVA, which suspense the puncture without inflating the tires;
The bike is available in 3 pop colors;
Durability is no doubt.

The bearing casing is not that good and easily falling off.
Schwinn Balance Bike

Again, this bike features a pair or 12 inches tires. Since the seat and the handlebars are easily adjusted, the riding experience is getting more comfortable. Other than that, the bike provides more traction when it is used for off-road. You may also spot the foot to floor designs, which looks pretty exclusive. Your child will ride it with a great confidant for sure.


The frame is well-manufactures with superior component materials;
It features proper weight;
Flawless paint.

There is no assembly instruction in the box.
Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

This is a 14-balance bike manufactured by Chicco. Since the biggest issue when it comes to riding a bike is the balance, this bike offers the best assistant. The tires are soft, which make this bike suits toddlers from 3 years old of age. The tires also resist puncture and will make the riding experience becomes more comfortable and much better.


Lightweight and easy to carry;
Easy to manage by toddlers;
Easy to assemble.

The paint is easily peeled off from the handlebars. It is a real drawback.
The Croco Aluminum Balance Bike

For an aluminum balance bike, this bike is pretty lightweight. This is great to improve the motor skill of your toddlers. The seat can be adjusted between 11.5 inches and 18.5 inches. Your kids will find it comfortable to ride the bike since the seat is adjustable. The plastic hand grips are soft and made of a high-quality plastic to prevent the painful strike to their ankle.


Nice bike with affordable price;
Charming color.

The instruction paper is not easy to understand.
Enkeeo No Pedals Balance Bike

This bike is designed to help your kids learning to balance and riding fast. The frame is made of carbon steel, which features the anti-rust. The tires also include EVA so the bump and puncture can be held and more stable. The manufacturer includes the eco-friendly materials to make it safer for the kids and the environment. Toddles would love this bike because the lightweight frame, which provides better control.


It features the tire shields to give better quality to the bike;

There is a bell and the sound is terrible.
Bixe Best Balance Bike

The first feature you will notice from this bike is its quick release clamp. This feature allows you to adjust the seat height easily. The seat is made of a sturdy kind of fabric. Other than that, Bixe applies the anodized aluminum to its frame. The wheels have an excellent setup on the bearing.


Satisfaction guarantee is available up to 30 days, which would allow you to return the bike if you are not happy;
The instruction is clear and easy to follow.

Some components need improvements in its quality;
The sticker is easily peeled off.
Teddy Shake Best Balance Bike

The interesting part about this bike is it only consists of 5 pieces. It is easy to assemble and you only need about 5 minutes to make a bike. The tires feature the airless technology so your toddlers get their balance faster. The pewter coat uses the superior-quality one in order to prevent rust on the bike.


3 years warranty is available;
The steering is easy and smooth;
The seat and handlebars are customizable;
Solid and sturdy frame.

There is not much detail on the instruction.
12-inch tires are still the favorite and popular on the market. However, the 14-balance bike is also available in various brands.

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